A New Beginning with 'INITIUM'

A New Beginning with 'INITIUM'

We trust this message finds you well. After a period of intentional silence, we are thrilled to break the news of our debut EP, 'INITIUM.' This release marks a significant chapter in the ongoing narrative of Bring Upon The Dawn, and we are eager to share both the journey leading up to this point and our ambitious plans for the future.

Over the last eight months, our band underwent a profound metamorphosis, one that saw us relocating to the dynamic and artistically rich landscape of Brisbane. This transition proved pivotal, infusing our creative process with new perspectives and a heightened sense of purpose. The subsequent three months were dedicated to the meticulous composition of 'INITIUM,' an EP that reflects not only our artistic evolution but also the unwavering dedication we bring to our craft.

The reception thus far has been overwhelming, and we extend our heartfelt appreciation to each patron and supporter. Your enthusiasm has fortified our resolve and affirmed the significance of our musical endeavor.

In tandem with this release, we are excited to announce our search for a proficient drummer who shares our artistic vision. As we aspire to bring the resonant soundscapes of 'INITIUM' to live audiences, we recognize the indispensable role a skilled percussionist plays in translating our studio compositions into dynamic, memorable performances. We're itching to bring these tracks to life on stage. We believe that the energy of a live performance is something truly magical, and we want you to experience it with us. Prospective candidates or recommendations are invited to contact us directly.

Furthermore, as we revel in the present success, we are already immersed in the creative process for our upcoming body of work. Our commitment to innovation and the pursuit of musical excellence remains unwavering. 'INITIUM' serves as a prologue to the boundless sonic explorations and artistic expressions we are poised to unfold in the chapters that follow. The journey doesn't stop here; in fact, 'INITIUM' is just the beginning.

We express our sincere gratitude for your steadfast support, and we invite you to join us on this exciting trajectory. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of Bring Upon The Dawn. Until we speak again, enjoy “INITIUM”.

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