About Us


Bring Upon The Dawn was originally conceptualized in 2017 and put into practice during 2018 by guitarist and producer Dakota Robinson.

Starting as an instrumental bedroom project, the band released tracks such as "Tunnel Vision," "Detachment," and "Invasion," showcasing Dakota's talent and vision.

In late November 2021, the band welcomed vocalist Lachie Phipps, whose addition shifted the band's dynamic and opened up new creative directions.

With Lachie on board, Bring Upon The Dawn released two test tracks in 2022, "Puppet" and "Black Hand," both of which were positively received, affirming the band's evolving sound and growing potential.

In 2023, Bring Upon The Dawn proudly released their debut EP, "INITIUM," marking a significant milestone in their journey. "INITIUM" encapsulates the band's unique blend of intensity and emotion, setting the stage for their future endeavors.

Now, the band looks towards evolving their sound further and bringing their music and performances to the live stage. With a commitment to pushing boundaries and connecting with audiences, Bring Upon The Dawn is dedicated to creating unforgettable live experiences and continuing their musical evolution.

The journey has only begun. Regardless of the challenges in road ahead, we look forward to bringing our vision to life and sharing our music with the world.